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» Traditional Crafts

Naruko Kokeshi
"Naruko kokeshi" is the traditional wooden doll made of "Mizuki", and woodformed by woodworker's wheel. Paint the dolls for finish, then cute faces appear on it.
Japan Kokeshi Museum
The museum contains about 5,000 Kokesi dolls. Mr. Kaname Fukazawa, an expert on Japanese Kokeshi dolls, donated most of the dolls to the museum.
Naruko lacquer ware
Use of fine quality of the Japanese lacquer and original lacquering techniques of craftworkers are unique.

» Taste of Naruko

Kuri Dango
Dumpling is one of the representative confectioneries for Japanese people. It is made with glutinous rice, soy sauce and sugar. The chestnuts are in the center of dumpling to make rich and smooth taste.
Warabi Mochi
"Warabi" the seasonal vegetable in spring brings home and light flavor into your mouth.
Onsen Manju
Each Japanese pastry's factory in Naruko Town is making the original home made bun with sweet bean filling.
Shiso Maki
"Miso" is one of the most popular seasonings in Japan. Shisomaki is the deep-fried soy bean paste mixed with sesame, walnut and sugar and then covered with shiso leaves. The great aroma and taste will spread in your mouth after one bite.
Tsukune Soba
Tsukune Soba is the fine buckwheat noodle made of locally grown tuskune yams and buckwheat. Try this smooth and unique taste of tuskune buckwheat noodle, special product of Naruko.


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