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Foreign Tourists' Welcome Plan

Foreign Tourists' Welcome Plan

Any foreign tourist can use "Foreign Tourist's Welcome Plan" according to our hotel's policy as follows:

Our reserved open-air hotspring bath will be available free of charge to any guest staying with us by using this plan.

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Foreign Tourists Welcome Plan (with breakfast only)

[Vacant rooms Information / Reservation]

Foreign Tourists Welcome Plan (with dinner only)

[Vacant rooms Information / Reservation]

Foreign Tourists Welcome Plan (with breakfast and dinner)

[Vacant rooms Information / Reservation]

Please click this button first to watch and look into our hotel's vacant rooms information on the screen.
In case of having a vacant room, you will be able to reserve your room at that time and your accommodation will be also arranged and reconfirmed at the same time.

Our hotel's policy for guest's cancellating accommodation's reservation

Any guest is required to pay a cancellation fee for cancelling his / her accommodation's reservation.
The criterion for a cancellation fee established at our hotel as follows:

Without prion imformation - 100%
On the day (with prior imformation) - 100%
The day before (with prior imformation) - 50%
2days before (with prior imformation) - 30%
3days before (with prior imformation) - 20%


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