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Highlights in Naruko

You may see Japanese serows which are designated species of Japan when it snows deeply.

The path in Naruko gorge is available from the entrance(=exit)on the Naruko side to the exit(entrance) on the Mt. Hanabuchi side.
Anyone is unable to go into any dangerous place in the gorge.
However, everybody who will visit to see so wonderful landscape can enjoy seeing it from the so called gMiharashidaih.
This point is one of the most impressive sceneries we recommend.

» All year round

Narukokyo Gorge
The famous typical Japanese-style gorge named as Narukokyo is located about 3 km to the west of our hotel.
It is mainly decorated with some kinds of maple, pine tree, rock and commands so beautiful views all the year round.
We recommend that you should visit the place
Hojin-no-Ie (The Former Ariji Family Residence)
(The Borderguard's House, also known as the Former Residence)
This is also well known as being the first place where the famous haiku saint Mr. Basho Matsuo stayed in Yamagata on his journey through Tohoku.
The House was designated in 1969 as an Important culture Asset due to its being one of the oldest residence.
And this Residence is 26.5m in width, 11.5m in depth, with entrance on the south, and peaked thatched roof.
It can be also said that the house used to have the structure of residence near the boundary suitable for a village master live.
  • Location : Mogami Town, Sakaida
  • Year of Construction : around 1700
  • Open to the public : (closed in winter)
  • Access : 5min. walk from Sakaida Station on the Rikuu East Line or 20min. by car from our hotel.

» more information about Hojin-no-Ie

» Spring

Katanuma Lake
Katanuma is a caldera's lake on the dormant volcano whose color of the water is mystic emerald green. It is located behind the mountain in the Naruko spa area and sulfuretted hydrogen gas and steam are springing from the bottom of the lake continuously. The PH of the water is 1.4 and its acidity is the strongest in Japan. There is also an esplanade around the lake where you surely can enjoy going for a walk.
It will take about 30 minutes on foot from Narukoonsen Station to Katanuma. Recommended hiking course.
Crystal-clear stream of the River Tashiro
Tashiro River is a typical Japanese clear stream that winds run between some kinds of trees and rocks.
In spring, the spot is beautifully decorated light-green colored with a lot of beech trees, Japanese oak, sweet chestnut trees, maples and so on.
Skunk Cabbage Marsh
MizubashoThe size of marsh is little, white Mizubasho ( skunk cabbage ) flowers in deserted area.

» Summer

Clear stream of the River Tashiro
In summer, clear and cool flow of river. Surrounding trees bring cool breeze and make feel peaceful. You can surely enjoy dipping your leggs into the stream, and feel so cool and comfortable.
Primeval beech forest, Natural ceder forest
It's about 20 minutes on the Onikoube sightseeing road to go from Tashiro River to Jigokudani by car. On the way, you will surely be able to enjoy seeing the Primeval beech forest and the Primeval ceder forest.
Fruits picking (cherry picking)
Why don't you experience cherry picking and harvesting for yourself?
We have so many kinds of fruits produced by farmers every year in Yamagata Prefecture.
Among some kinds of delicious fruits, the most sweet and beautiful fruits we recommend you is Sakuranbo(cherry).
We are sure that you will have a marvelous time to pick some cherry fruits and eat them right away there.
In case you would like to visit,we would be ready to show you where and when the cherry fruits picking is held.

Adachi Farm

TEL 0237(44)1231
FAX 0237(44)1855

Adachi Farm is one of the most famous cherry fruits farms in Japan.
Its farm is located to the west of Naruko Onsen and it will take about 1 hour 40 minutes by car to get there.
In case of using JR Line, you have to take the Rikuu Tosen Line for Shinjo and to change into the bullet train for Tokyo on the Sakuranbo Higashine Station. The distance from the Sakuranbo Higashine station to the Adachi Farm will be 15 km and it will take you about 15 minutes by taxi to get there.

¦ In case of using JR Line,the railway pass is available and reasonable. So we recommend that you should get it in your country before depature from your country.

Entrance Fee

(Adult)1,500 yen/person
(Child)1,000 yen/person
each person 60 minutes
Times 8:00am - 5:30pm
(The middle of June Early in July)

The charge needed to pay for enjoying picking cherries and eating there at once will be included in the Entrance Fee.
You don't have to pay any more money but the Entrance Fee.
However,if you would like to take out some cherry fruits for gifts and so on,You have to pay for them.
In that case, the cherry fruits will be sold by measure.

» Autumn

Autumn colors in Narukokyo Gorge
The contrast between blades turned yellow and red and rocks is wonderful. Visible river bed, even stones on it, create a lasting impression on those who view it. Highly recommended hiking course.
The nature trail at Jigokudani
The path in hellish valley is located upstream from the area of the Fukiage spa and its distance of the path is about 1.2 km.
The state of the geyser, which always gushes from the side of the path, seems to be hell.
It is about 30 minites by bus from Naruko Onsen station.
Katamuna in autumn
The winter is just around the corner. The seasonal changes paint the lake scenery in various colors such as emerald green and dark green. These daily variations make fantastic tint of scenery to present more contrasts to mountains with autumn tints. Recommended hiking course.
Tashiro River
In autumn, all the tree's leaves around the stream will change from green into red and yellow, you will be able to find out one of the most beautiful and interesting spots in our Tohoku Distrikt. It's about 40 minutes by car to the spot from Narukoonsen Sta.

» Winter

Resort Park Onikoube Ski Area
The surrounding natural beauty make it an ideal place for winter sports such as skiing and snowboard. Enjoy pure white snow of Naruko.
Narukokyo Gorge in winter
The beauty of the snow scenery of Narukokyo Gorge is nowhere to be found in Japan. Don't miss visiting the sight in winter.
Swans on Lake Benten
The two hundreds swans come a few thousands kilometers from Siberia around the middle of December every year. Swans stay on the lake until in the middle of March for rest and cure. They come close to you friendly with feeding, so you can watch their size and beautiful appearance in front of you.


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